It all started when…

The Struggle:

We all know the struggle we face in our daily life. There are so many of them that we aren’t able to put them into the counting period. Whether you are a college student or an adult homeowner, we all have our worries which seems to mostly relate from the financial situation we face in our life. We know there are many other problems too, but we will be discussing the mother of all needs and wants, money. Money holds a lot of power and value in today’s world and serves up-to many things for our generation. It may be too odd and cliché to say this but your basic need to survive in this world, can be completed and watered by money.

We all know that money is important and earning money can be really hard for everyone. It could bring years long of hard-work, dedication and consistency towards something in order to get the output of all that you have input. But isn’t that weird that almost every one of us is prone to losing their money and not going an extra mile to save it? Well, we all are guilty of this particular thing. We might earn it the hard way but we often don’t think too much before spending it on things which are wasteful. There are a lot of ways to minimize the way we use our money throughout the year.

What increases the cost of living?:

There are a lot of factors that increase the cost of your living, even the minor facts in your daily life affect it in a very huge way. There are some bigger factors that affect your cost of living and one of those things is your daily consumption of electricity. We spend a lot of electricity in very useless ways like not switching off the fan or lights when you’re not present in the room, or not taking the charger out even after your phone is charged. Even not switching off the furnace or air-conditioner when you’re not using it, and the list goes on. By not taking care of such small things, we increase our electricity bills by a large amount at the end of the month and we have to pay a heavy amount for it.

Not only the electricity bill, but we also ignore the other important bills too such as the gas bills, water bills etc… Because of these small mistakes of ours we increase our cost of living in such a high way. These small things combine together to form up a huge amount by the end of the month, out of which 50% is the amount we’re paying for the things that we haven’t used. Just because of our carelessness towards these little things we often get into a lot of debt.

As all the people cannot afford such luxurious life and spend money on useless things. Managing things and maintaining your budget is a very important factor in our life. So, we all should care about these factors so our cost of living could decrease to a level where we would be able to manage and afford it.


Mother of problems – Bills:

Bills, yes, we all know the sinking feeling and the weird sad face we make whenever we hear this word. Because bills, they mean just losing a pile of money in a blink of an eye. But has it ever occurred to anyone of us that there are smart people in this world too, who know how to spend their money wisely? Well, there are and it is time for us to get ourselves enrolled in this list too. Living in California can be very costly. It could make you very depressed looking how expensive things have gone and how high the bills have touched. There are many ways that people around the world are trying their very best to lower their bills, and some of them are efficient too.

Ways to lower your bills:

The internet might be full of information on how to save your money and bring your utility and electric bills down. There are many useful things to do but do we follow them? That’s another question, but for now, let’s see what those ways actually are.

·         Cut down on energy leaks. This includes turning off lights and other electronics.

·         Big-screen TVs, DVD players, digital photo frames, and other appliances use more energy than you realize.

·         Unplugging an appliance is best because certain appliances use energy even if they are turned off.

·         Spend time outdoors.

·         Close blinds, storm windows, or shades during the day.

·         Use fans instead of air conditioning.

·         Use air conditioning efficiently.

·         Use electricity during off-peak hours

Well, this is not it but for now, this will do. Google is full of such things but as I said, California is not easy for anyone. If you are living here, you will know.

All these ways to reduce your bills, specifically electricity bills are nice because they sound doable and they do really help to some extent but the question that gets born here is that does it really make that big of a difference? I mean yeah sure; it helps somewhat in the money count when you turn off that extra switch but what if there are programs added up to these things? Imagine following all those ways mentioned and then getting approved for a specific program. That would be great for everyone.

Good News:

I am here to crack the good news for everyone worrying about their soaring bills which are touching the sky. It is time that our worries start to go downhill. There are many plans in California that give a decent amount of percentage off on your utility bills, which include electricity bills, water bills, sewage bills and much more. Who wouldn’t like saving their hard-earned money? We all would whole heartedly love that.

We all keep hoping that tomorrow is better than today. It is about to get real because this article is all you need to know and learn on how a simple program of reducing your cost of living can bring a mind boggling difference in your piggy bank. It is time for us to save and yet still live the life we all have planned and desired with our loved ones.

The programs to reduce your bills in California:


In this article you will be introduced to only those programs which are actually helpful and has an earned authenticity. Sit back and think about all the useful things you can get done or all the important things you wanted to buy from your bucket list but couldn’t because of all the nagging bills that disturbed your peaceful sleep at night. So long to distress and worries, we are here to help the people.

1.  Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP):


Gone are the days when people who couldn’t afford to get things, where the people who were missing out on so many facilities of a happy and comfortable life. The world is changing rapidly. As much as we think that people are getting crueler day by day and the government doesn’t care about the people from the lower sector, well they actually do. Government does help.

There is plenty of room for people coming from all sorts of societal ranges. Now, you do not have to worry if you are having trouble running your household, then this authentic program has your back. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program helps minimize the cost of your electricity.

 This program can also provide you with that extra money to pay your bills- but only to people who are really deserving of this program. The funding process for this program comes from the Federal Government but every state has its own, just like California does. So, if you aren’t from here, you can look for your state as well. If you are trying hard to make your ends meet and having trouble paying loads of bills, this program is all that you need.

Eligibility Criteria for LIHEAP:

You have to fall into the category of people who really need this program in order to avail the benefits.

Eligibility and benefits are based on:

  • Income

  • Household size

  • The primary energy source

  • The presence of a household member who is under age 6, age 60 or older or permanently disabled.

Household Eligibility Criteria:

Your household also needs to be eligible to be able to avail the regular benefits of this program:

  • You and your household members are United States Citizens or qualified aliens

  • Your household's gross monthly income is at or below the current income guides for your household size as posted in the table below

  • You receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits OR

  • You receive Temporary Assistance

  • You receive Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone)

2.  The Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP):

I know it is very hard to believe that they are many programs that you didn’t even know existed before. If you had known about them, you could have had every possible resource you wanted to avail but couldn’t because off all the green money issue. Have you heard about the saying that it’s better late than never? Well here it is. California has a very supportive government programs that have got your back.

This program plays a huge role in paying your heartbreaking utility bill – we know how much everyone hates that UNPAID stamp on those ocean vast white pages. The energy crises invention program (ECIP) covers up for (gas, electric, wood, propane, oil), and we know how basic of a need it is.

The Energy Crisis Intervention Program only pays for when you have got a notice of 24 or 48-hour disconnection notice or utility service disconnection notice that would involve a life threatening and/or emergency situation; or the applicant's utility services have been terminated; or the applicant requires assistance with establishing a new account. Clients whose utilities are included in their rent DO NOT qualify for ECIP.

3. California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE):

What if you could get a decent amount of percentage off on your electricity and gas bill? The people who are in need, we have got good news for you.

CARE Income Guidelines*

Customers may also be eligible for CARE if they are enrolled in public assistance programs such as Medicaid/Medi-Cal, Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC), Healthy Families A & B, National School Lunch’s Free Lunch Program (NSL), Food Stamps/SNAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Head Start Income Eligible (Tribal Only), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or Tribal TANF.

4.  Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA):

What is better than thinking about how your family can grow in the resources people are enjoy in this era of comfort. It would be unfair to say that some people get every of these resources just because they have money and people who don’t have this amount of money, they don’t get to enjoy life and live up to their expectations. We all were born equal and if life didn’t work with you like it worked out for everyone else, then it is not your fault. It is not any of our fault. That’s just how life is, all we can do is that we can work on things, ask the government for help and make our life better for ourselves because no one is going to do that for us.


5.  Energy Management Program:

Let’s assume that big old tv and that rusted huge washing machine is set up in your beloved house which also gives an old school impression to all the visitors. But it is not just about the visitors, it is about every other white paper of bill with increasing digits. All the things that makes the units on our meters run as if they are being chased.

It might be weird to your kids too but thinking of it on the broader prospect, this is the core reason behind your heavy on the pocket bills. The older the appliances or equipment is in your house, the more your bill is going to flutter up.

With that being said, Older appliances can make your home or social home more expensive. The Energy Saving Housing Benefit program provides tenants and social housing providers with free energy efficiency tips and tricks and offers improvements and residential energy ratings to help identify more savings.

The benefits of Energy Management Program:

  • Increase in annual energy savings

  • Lower energy costs for the residence

  • Energy efficient upgrades for the property


6. California Renewable Program:

No matter what we say in our gatherings of our rich friends, we all would love to have something which can cut down on our usual living cost. The cost of living in California is increasing each year but, there are many programs for us to reduce our utility bills. It’s your time to enjoy the resources.

Qualified homes now have the choice to decide where to get their energy from. With the California Renewable Program, homeowners that have very high bills have switched to renewable energy with no money coming out of their pockets. This program allows eligible homeowners to generate their own electricity from solar panels and save thousands over the years.

Instead of renting your electricity from your current utility provider for the rest of your life, this program is designed to get out of their grip and start producing your own electricity while also saving each month. This push to go green has helped thousands of Americans not only save each month, but also reduce their carbon footprint.

Homeowners reduce their cost of living:

What a tough statement, right? But this tough statement right their can be achieved without wasting a single second more. Homeowners can reduce their cost of living now by applying to programs which fits best for them and there you go, in no time you will be living the life with all the resources, the life you never thought you will have because your income and increasing bills were holding you down.

The times have changed and there is a cure and a way out for everyone residing in this world. If there is a cure and a way out then none of us deserve to live differently. It is true that people may differ in their lifestyles but we can at least try to get all that we deserve the legal way. To get the life of your dream and to enjoy it too, all you have to do is:

·         Look which program suits you

·         Look up the criteria for it

·         Set up a free assessment

·         Smile and watch things work out for you


In life, we all get to face problems every day. And this is not restricted to selected people, it goes for every single person in this entire world. Every one is destined to go through hurdles of life, they can either be financial problems or mental tensions or problems. Financial problems give rise to tensions and mess up everything that is going well in our life. On a clear picture, it will be fair to say that there are a lot of negative things that pile up when we are facing financial problems, the world seems as if it is playing tricks on us.

So, with that being said, there are times when we feel helpless and we have this feeling within ourselves that we are missing out from life. Because we actually are. It is not your fault that you can’t get the same resources that everyone else is getting just because you can’t afford it, it is not anyone else’s fault either, it is just the way it has to be. There are people who work hard and get what they need and there are people who work and get not as much as they deserve

In many countries and regions, the government, it really plays an active role for the benefit of their people and societies. We might always hear people say or it could be us too that we find ourselves mumbling around on how the government and people aren’t there for others or us. But the truth is there are many facilities and program which are designed to help people. These facilities and program are just a search away, all you have to do is go an extra mile and see what fits best for your needs.

Many of these programs are for people who have high usage and high bills. It is our duty to make our life better and worthwhile. We have to give so much more to our next generation. We also need to save for us and the people we are going to handle in our future because our society gets better with us. We should be funding out to these programs if we can afford to help each other.

So, get up and start working for what is better for you, spread the word and start helping others any way possible. Get to learn more about the programs and see if you fit in because it is all about people, it is all about you.