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Our Mission:

Lower Your Bills Today.

California Savings Programs has set out to help homeowners reduce their cost of living and start saving on their monthly utility bills. Our services match you and your home with a program that can increase home efficiency while lowering your payments. After conducting a free energy assessment, our certified program facilitators will recommend a variety of government subsidized programs that can reduce your bills. All of our programs are designed to lower your utility costs with $0 out of pocket. We believe every person has the right to pay less. See if your home qualifies for savings!


Step 1: Assessment

Set up a free assessment with one of our certified program facilitators to see what is available for your home.


Step 2: Enrollment

Apply for your new program and get your home qualified to start saving on your monthly bills.

Step 3: Setup & Activation

Our experts will setup and activate your new program savings and work directly with your current utility provider.


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Why California Savings Programs

We lower your cost of living We customize every program for your home

We Handle everything from A-z we have helped thousands of homeowners

We care for your home We guarantee our programs for A lifetime


October 2017

I am so grateful for the team at California Savings Programs. They helped me save over $60 a month on my electricity bill through one of their programs. Thank you guys for all of your support!

-Pam Karamad 


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