Our Programs


rate schedule change

Our program facilitators will analyze your bill and determine if you can start saving with something as simple as a rate schedule change directly on your bill. Depending on your home and your usage history, we can help get your home approved for a time of use change or get approved for a CARE or FERA program. Time of use changes depend on your usage history and time patterns. CARE and FERA programs are available to homeowners with low annual incomes.


Energy Management program

After conducting a full energy assessment of the property, our program facilitators will recommend a variety of energy efficient options that can help reduce your overall usage while managing your efficiency. Whether it be poor insulation, inefficient HVAC, or some other type of energy loss, we will provide you with a full assessment on the issue and what you can do to solve it. This program can not only make your home more comfortable, but also help you save on your bills.


California renewable program

With utility rates increasing at a higher rate than ever before, many new programs have been released to help homeowners get some type of security. Qualified homes now have the choice to decide where to get their energy from. With the California Renewable Program, homeowners that have very high bills have switched to renewable energy with no money coming out of their pockets. This program allows eligible homeowners to generate their own electricity from solar panels and save thousands over the years.