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California Savings Programs has set out to help homeowners reduce their cost of living and start saving on their monthly utility bills. Our services match you and your home with a program that can increase home efficiency while lowering your payments. After conducting a free energy assessment, our certified program facilitators will recommend a variety of government subsidized programs that can reduce your bills. All of our programs are designed to lower your utility costs with $0 out of pocket. We believe every person has the right to pay less. See if your home qualifies for savings!

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California Savings Programs: An innovative and friendly idea for your home

Maintaining a house is a bit difficult in these times. You must be able to maintain infrastructure in good condition and make repairs whenever necessary. In addition, the invoices for the services must be up to date. If you cannot achieve this, things get a bit difficult.

Within so many concerns there are those who try to take care instead of stressing. That's why, thanks to the California Savings Programs, you have the opportunity to lower  your invoices in very easy ways. What happens is that it is possible to reduce utility bills in California through various rather ingenious ideas.

Although bills are the main cause of stress in your home, the moment you manage to reduce them is a family victory. This company aims to help homeowners reduce monthly bills through a comprehensive process between the consumer and their own home.

The goal is to increase the efficiency of the home so that you can save and reduce the payments you make. If you manage to do it, you will notice a giant change in family dynamics as there will be great new perspectives. In addition, you can take advantage to make a change of mentality much friendlier with the environment and your own pocket.

Steps to achieve it

California Saving Program is based on 3 easy steps. This process is progressively integrated, as you apply it, with other aspects of the owner's life so that you are able to make big changes.

To reduce utility bills in California successfully, you must follow these steps to the letter so that you can achieve a change in your economic life and start investing in other future plans.

• Step 1: Evaluation

First thing's first. Just when you contact the California Saving Program they will give you all the advice you need through a free evaluation. This may sound a bit serious but it is not as difficult as it seems. The truth is that this evaluation is very simple.

California Saving Program will apply evaluation to your home to know what equipment you have and what is the family dynamics with them. By knowing what is available immediately you will start looking for a program that suits all the needs of your home and family.

The evaluation of the California Saving Program is conducted by certified facilitators of the company who have a lot of experience in what they do. They have a completely professional attitude and are willing to help you as much as possible to reduce utility bills in California.

This step is the first and has particular importance. Without it, it would not be possible to develop a comprehensive program to reduce your monthly bills. Therefore, you must collaborate as much as you can to get the best experience from the hand of the California Saving Program.

• Step 2: Registration

This step is more than anything to formalize the entire process with the California Saving Program. Here you have the possibility to decide if you are going to join or not. Once you have studied the entire program that the professional facilitators have given you, you are fully entitled to register.

In this step, you request a new program that qualifies for your home. Once the registration is complete, you can start saving on your monthly bills so easily that you will not even notice.

To formalize the registration, you must make the first contact with the California Saving Program. Whether by phone or face-to-face, registering is going to be quite easy since you have defined the program that will be applied.

• Step 3: Configuration and Activation

This part of the process is where you take concrete actions so that you start saving on your monthly bills. California Saving Program has already fully processed your investment and now is the time to get down to work within your home. Do not be scared and just let yourself be guided.

The experts in this area will be responsible for configuring each of the equipment that is in your home so that your savings program can begin to work efficiently. The most important thing in all this is that you must say the truth because only then can the savings plan work.

During this step, it is also worth noting that the California Saving Program experts work directly with your current utility provider. So there will not be a sudden change but it will be gradual and comprehensive so that your family can get used to it.

The activation of the program is immediate and the service providers will always be aware of all the actions that are taken. In addition, they know that you want to be a person much more aware of the activities you are doing, maybe even offer a special personalized plan.

Actions to take!

California Saving Program has many ideas for you to save enough on your basic services without having to compromise the lifestyle you are used to. Therefore, you must have your best attitude with you so that all the new ways of saving your bills work.

Some of the services that the California Saving Program is able to negotiate are fixed telephone services, home security systems, and even satellite or cable television services. Even the internet enters into your comprehensive savings program. There are several services that fall within the plan so that the savings program can be efficient enough.

One of the first steps the California Saving Program has taken is to get an ideas table with personal finance experts who are always thinking about new methods for you to apply them. So they are able to develop new strategies for you to save.


Health is paramount. Security is important. And having insurance in California guarantees well-being for a long time and a feeling of tranquility that is priceless. Insurance guarantees that you and yours will well care in case of an emergency involving medical bills or recovery of assets.

However, you should know that insurance fees are high depending on the type of program offered. There are different types of insurance and each one includes different coverages depending on the emergencies or health cases that arise. Not all are equal.

The important thing here is to know that it is possible to have good insurance without having to sacrifice a large part of your money monthly. The first thing in the California Saving Program Plan is to go and meet your insurance agent personally. Nowadays it is very easy to request insurance through the internet, but that does not substitute the personal visit with the advisor.

Meeting in person with an insurance agent gives you a million new opportunities regarding the policies you can purchase. They are likely to discover things about you that can help you with your monthly bill. For example, the agent may have a plan that offers you a discount to graduate from certain schools or be associated with a particular type of profession or employer.

There are many great plans out there and even discounts related to millions of features that might work for you. But if you are not going to converse with your insurance adviser, you will probably never know. Do not miss out on special promotions just for wanting to stay behind a computer.

California Saving Program offers you the possibility of obtaining combined policies that will be much more useful than any other. A combined policy is one that combines home and car insurance. They are also known as "Packaging" and are the first part of the savings program related to health, home or car insurance.

Another tip that works to reduce utility bills in California is to review the insurance bills annually and see if it is convenient to renew that policy you currently have. Evaluate all the benefits that insurance gives you and decide if you should continue paying or if you need a new one.

Electricity bills

One of the most difficult accounts to correct is electricity. Millions of dollars a year are used to pay for this basic service, especially during winter days. Electricity is very important because it is a primary service that helps the quality of life of all people. There are those who consider it a luxury but, in reality, it is a necessity.

To help reduce electricity bills there are many steps you can take. The California Saving Program knows that these bills can sometimes be very high and can sometimes below. This is one of the most fluctuating and stressful debts with which a family or tenant can be found.

To reduce utility bills in California you can apply different methods. Within the program that California Savings is going to grant you, you will find a recommendation in which it is suggested that most of the electricity is used late at night. Sarah Hollenbeck, an expert in savings, has been analyzing this meticulously.

What happens is that many electric companies offer discounts for non-peak hours which saves you money. You just have to wait a few more minutes to throw in your clothes or take a shower. There is not much you should do since you just have to wait to use all the electric power you want.

What the California Saving Program does is determine if your utility company gives you this opportunity to take advantage of it and save money. You also have to know what “Non-peak hours” means for your electricity company because that varies depending on the location.

To save even more on your monthly bills you can choose to change cold water for your laundry. This not only reduces expenses but also helps the environment and avoids carbon pollution. You see, the water heating process represents approximately 90% of the energy used by your machine to wash clothes. This is a greater expenditure of energy than the one made by the washing machine motor. So go get your accounts and start applying this part of the plan to reduce utility bills in California. Surely your monthly budget will change drastically and you can buy new things for yourself.

Cable Invoices

Watching television is one of the best methods of entertainment that society has. Since the television came out, everyone found programs that made them happy and there are even those who identified with each of the stories they enjoyed every day on that big screen.

Television is a giant industry that generates thousands of jobs around the world and just as a large part of the labor sector also produces many millions of dollars. The income that cable television obtains is the product of its subscribers who acquire a special plan.

This special plan is one of the main bills that current households pay at a high cost. This even increases if you have special packages of exclusive channels like HBO, Fox Premium and others. But this should not stress you because the California Saving Program has a way to help you.

If you want to reduce your bills, thanks to the proliferation of television providers that transmit over the internet you can achieve it. It is possible to cut the cable with the big satellite television companies in order to reduce some dollars off your monthly expenses. Karen Omo, financial trainer explains that "You can just have an Internet connection with a good download speed that supports the transmission of television and eliminates the cable"

There are several services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime that function as great affordable replacements for cable television that even have exclusive content that is not found on satellite television.

Netflix, for example, goes from $ 8 to $ 14 per month, while Hulu plans also find them within this rate. The prices are very low compared to how much cable TV service costs, you even have to buy new equipment. Reduce utility bills in California through internet television.

The exclusive content is getting more and more quality and that is why several people are incorporating this idea into their plan to save on their monthly bills. Do not stay behind.

Mortgage bill

We know that buying a house is the golden dream of all families in the United States. Finding that place in a large residential complex and then moving with your partner and your children is an achievement. Even so, financing the payment requires a lot of saving on a mortgage.

If you are already acquainted with the issue of mortgages, it is because it takes a large part of your money for monthly payments from home. Be careful if it is not the biggest one. But we know it's worth it just to see your family in this great town. California is one of the most beautiful places to settle a home because of its great climate and the job opportunities it offers.

If mortgage payments are consuming a significant portion of your monthly budget, try refinancing, suggests Darla DeMorrow, author of a book designed to help people organize their lives and save money in the process. "You'll want to check with a mortgage broker or bank to see if today's historically low mortgage rates can save you money in monthly payments," she suggests. Also, something that few people know is that if you have already paid more than 20% of the capital of your mortgage you can cancel your mortgage insurance (known as PMI).

California Saving Programs is an expert in getting many new ways to reduce your bills. The best of all is that they are totally beneficial for both parties, both the owners of the houses and those who expect payments of monthly bills. The mortgage is a great expense that takes a large portion of your monthly salary, but now you know that it is possible to reduce recurrent expenses related to it even more.


Water is a vital liquid that gives us a great quality of life. Not only is it important for us humans since we must consume it but it is also important for any other household chores, such as washing, scrubbing, cooking ...

Water is precious and using less can help protect the environment while reducing water bills. But that does not mean that you should sacrifice part of your comfort just to use less water than you are used to.

There are several ways to manage water consumption and reduce your monthly bill. You just have to be creative and follow your California Saving Program. Among the measures to be taken is the installation of low-flow accessories of the shower heads and toilets.

These instruments are quite useful because they control the amount of water used to lower the toilet and how much water you use in the shower without having to exaggerate. But do not be scared, this does not mean that the bathrooms will be dirty in any way or that you will not bathe well. Quite the opposite. You will continue to do everything as well as always, only saving the thousands of liters lost when the toilet is lowered.

Another way to manage your monthly water intake is to consider watering the lawn of your garden later at night or early in the morning, when the most water will be absorbed into the lawn, instead of evaporating under the bright sun. These are highly recommended hours for you to activate your sprinklers.

Another option is to completely change the design of your gardens replacing the lawn by planting low irrigation or installing a drip irrigation system. With this system, you save a lot of water and your plants are just as well watered that having to use a sprinkler that spends thousands of liters of water per month and millions of dollars per year.

Air Conditioning and Heating

Although at the beginning we already talked about the expenses related to electricity, bills for air conditioning and heating merit its own section. The costs associated with these electronic devices significantly increase the electricity bill. The good news is that thanks to the California Saving Program you can address this problem in different ways to reduce your bill.

One of the first actions to take within the California Saving Program plan is to replace your thermostat with a programmable model that cools your home only when you are in it. That is, thanks to a special sensor, the presence of people in the house are detected and space is heated. When they are gone, everything is turned off so you save thousands of dollars in heating.

Another part of the plan is to check the air conditioning units as they may be overloaded with work. If this is the case with your equipment, maybe that's why your monthly bills for electricity are higher. An overloaded air conditioner usually consumes more energy than one in good condition and maintenance. You can solve it with a simple repair that reduces the use of energy.

On the other hand to save both air conditioning and heating costs, check your home to see if there are leaks near the windows and doors. These air leaks make the devices work harder to maintain the temperature of the space where they are located, but they will never achieve it completely since there is that leak that causes the unit to be forced to function. Simple caulking of these areas can make a difference.


Like many other monthly expenses, one of the best ways to reduce your internet bill is to have information on the prices of competitors. The internet is one of the main services that a house should have since it connects you with the world reality and facilitates many other tasks.

Therefore, within the monthly expenses that the California Caving Program contemplates reducing is the internet bill. One of the ways to know which internet provider is best for you is thanks to the advisers that the California Saving Program gives you. They are responsible for comparing the benefits that each company offers so that it is always associated with the best.

Another approach is the reduction of internet speed to save on monthly bills. Although this part of the plan is not favorite, it is a way to save quite efficiently since sometimes the plans you have the offer you things you do not need. But thanks to the free evaluation that the California Saving Program does, you will be able to save.

Many providers also offer discounts for service packages such as telephone, internet, and television. And although this is not always the best deal, sometimes it can pay off as you receive benefits during the best and you are even considered to try new plans that are launched.

Solar energy: The future to save on all your bills

If you want to apply a good program to save on your electricity bills you can opt for solar energy. Some people may see this as a very large expense but it is more of an investment than anything else. If you want to use solar energy in your home, you have several options.

The first is to buy or lease a system or form an energy purchase contract. The option you choose can affect the amount of money you spend up front and during the useful life of the system, the possibility of obtaining certain tax rebates and your obligations when selling your house.

That is why the California Saving Program is in charge of giving you the best advice, starting by seeing if your house is eligible for this type of energy and locating a place to place all the energy reserve equipment.

If you decide to use a solar panel system to produce energy, you will be buying less energy from the utility company and enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. The energy department says that most houses with solar panels get at least 40% of the energy from the solar energy system, which varies depending on the house.

If you buy a solar panel system, you may qualify for tax credits or other financial incentives that offset the initial cost. If you lease the system or have an energy purchase contract, you can pay less in advance and the monthly installments may be lower. But you should know, that even if you have a renewable energy contract, you may have to continue to pay a portion of the energy you consume to the local utility company.

Is solar energy the right choice for you?

California Saving Program contemplates solar energy as one of the main options for you to choose after performing the free evaluation. One of the main things that are evaluated to know if solar energy is the best option for you is the electricity bill to see how much you have consumed during the last year and how much it cost you. Note that part of the bill corresponds to "measured" energy and how much corresponds to other concepts such as distribution costs.

To reduce utility bills in California, we also evaluate how electric power is used and look for ways to reduce electricity consumption in your home. In order to reduce your bills, you must first maximize the energy efficiency of your home and appliances and ensure that your home is properly insulated.

You should also consider how long you will live living in that house. The California Saving Program only recommends this renewable energy option to people who will last at least 15 years when they take place since the panels, after being installed, last a great amount of time. In general, leases for a system and those for energy purchases are also long-term contracts, some of which last up to 20 years.

Now, the most important part to know if it suits you or not solar energy as a way to save on your monthly bills is to determine how much solar energy is needed to meet the needs of your home. You can apply an individualized calculation where you can enter the details of each team and there is calculated how much energy should be produced and how many solar panels would be needed.

If you have already evaluated all this and now you only have to start the contract, the California Saving Program is able to call the renewable energy supply company to help you make the contract. In this way, you only have to talk to your traditional electricity supply company to use the "Net Measurement" which is a type of arrangement that pays or gives you creeds for the excess energy produced by a system during the day and that returns to the electrical network.

Incentives and Benefits of Renewable Energy

If you buy a system, you may meet the requirements to access credits for taxes depending on the new guidelines of the Department of Energy. You could also receive other benefits for the installation of a solar energy system. Depending on the local rules of net metering, your power company can pay the amount of energy your system returns to the network. You may also be able to sell the extra electricity produced by your system or obtain credit for renewable energy certificates.

This is a great incentive as it not only helps you save on monthly bills but also generates income just by saving electricity. At first, you may think that installing a solar system as renewable energy to save on your bills is a greater expense. But it is not like that, it is an investment that the California Saving Program will always have among its options.

Impact of the California Saving Program

The monthly invoice rates have an impact on the budget of all people. Even monthly debts have increased between 7% and 8% per year in California which is associated with thousands of social factors. On the other hand, the waste of energy is the main cause of high service bills due to the lack of a comprehensive and individualized plan.

The more time passes, people start to accumulate more and more bills that are a big blow to the pocket of all owners. That's why the California Saving Program has focused on helping thousands of homeowners hard to save on all their bills and have access to a better life.

Learning to save intelligently is a knowledge that owners acquire with the California Saving Program through the different plans they offer. The approved programs have as their mission to find a great alternative for the costs of public services and thus help people in Southern California.

With the California Saving Program, you not only learn how to save but also why rates are high with each passing month. But these high costs have had a great impact since the California Senate approved a bill that recently expresses an infrastructure charge of 10,900 million dollars.

Clean energy and pollution laws have also been implemented, with which it is expected that by the year 2030, 50% of all energy must be obtained from a renewable source of energy at some time. Another idea is to eliminate polluting power plants in California to avoid the generation of additional surcharges and higher rates increases.

All these initiatives are born thanks to the owners want to save on their monthly bills in honest and intelligent ways. This creates an environment full of conscious people who think about their own personal economy and are able to choose smart options like the California Saving Program.

However, these changes are constant and that is why there are several programs approved by the authorities that allow owners to obtain savings and stability in their bills. California Saving Program has decided to create a culture of friendly savings that walks side by side with a variety of government subsidized programs that can reduce your bills.

Its impact has been significant as more and more people are part of this program and the benefits are immense. It does not matter if you are a single person or if you are part of a family, the important thing here is to save everything you can to use the money in investments that improve your quality of life.

Why California Saving Program?

If you still are not convinced about why you should choose California Saving Program there is still time for you to know more about this initiative. The reason why several people decide to be part of a California Saving Program is because of their great efficiency and because they really do what they promise.

The working methods of the California Saving Program are based on honest and intelligent options that make you understand why saving is so important. Remember that with these plans you are not only lowering your monthly bills but you are also helping the environment.

The working method of the California Saving Program is based on strategic alliances which are very effective. Whether with the government or with private companies that guarantee your basic services, California Saving Program is in charge of talking with all of them to reach a beneficial agreement for your client.

Partnerships are an important part of everything since it is where several actions are negotiated that are going to be taken. After that, comes the part of the evaluation, registration and configuration and activation of which was commented before. Here it is important to emphasize that the treatment of the facilitators towards the people who want to apply the California Saving Program is excellent.

The owners feel very comfortable while they listen to the plan they are going to give them and also participate in the preparation of their own program in case it is necessary. That facilitator-owner relationship is crucial to the trust between users and the company and is the secret behind the success of the California Saving Program.

On the other hand, each of the plans that are being developed is individualized. Each action that is going to be taken in a house is totally personalized for that person who requested it and adapts to each one of the aspects that were taken into account during the evaluation.

California Saving Program is very special for the attention it gives homeowners. Each person feels part of the whole process of optimizing their house and has the freedom to propose ideas that he likes, so the experts give him all the advice that is required.

California Saving Program is a great initiative that has revolutionized the world of every homeowner in this county. The ideas presented with better and better help people have a better personal economy that is not affected by monthly expenses and much fewer bills with inexplicable costs.

Whether you apply a special California Saving Program plan or take the initiative yourself, saving on your bills is very simple if you intend to. There are many small actions that you can perform which will benefit you a lot.

If you want to start on the right foot, we suggest you do it by saving electrical energy and then you can go through other services. The reason is that electricity is one of the largest expenses in bills for homeowners and takes a large sum to the year compared to the other services.

The responsible consumption of services is a serious task that we must take seriously to have a great impact. If you want to join the California Saving Program, you can check their website or enter their social networks where there is even more information. If you want to make a person-person visit, you can choose to go to 22837 Ventura Blvd., Ste 204 - Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

Join the California Saving Program and be part of the change! Save on your bills is possible and more by the hand of several experts who really know what they do. You only have to trust. Do not miss this great opportunity and give the monthly budget that helps you've been waiting for so long. Do not wait any longer!